5 Minute Chili Dogs

I had an off day today since I worked a half shift and didn’t eat breakfast (something I really need to work on). So by the time I got home from wedding errands it was 4pm and I was starving. Eat now and be a total heffer before my work-out class with Carolyn? Or starve for 3 hours and probably eat something frozen and zapped after the work out? I’m a pig so I decided to eat right then and there.

Chili cheese dogs are one of my fiance’s favorite meals. Leave it to a man to choose sloppy hand-food vs my slow-cooked, beautiful chicken cacciatore. So giving in to my fatigue and not wanting to  spend a lot of time cooking, I went for the CCD. This is something you can make in 5 minutes and not have the guilt of eating something you tossed in the microwave.

You will need:

*Choice of hot dog meat (my favorite is Better Cheddar Sausages since I’m a cheese freak!)
*Fresh diced onions
*Chili (Canned with or sans beans, your choice)
*Shredded cheese
*Hot dog buns

1.Cut diagonal slits on each side of hot dog and fry on medium heat until lightly brown on all sides
2.  Toast buns in toaster oven
3. Dice onions
4. Heat chili
5. Assemble and top with toppings

Voila! 5 minutes to cook, 5 minutes to eat, and 5 minutes to clean.

Time to rest and digest before I haul it to class!


2 thoughts on “5 Minute Chili Dogs

  1. Can you please make a makeshift grill and be outside the clubs at 2a for me? 🙂 and NO i wont consider you mexican! your hotdogs look delish… or i’ll just knock on your door at 240a. 😛 your choice!

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