Tri-colored Mash

20130429-132005.jpgSpring is here but the weather has been kind of fickle in Southern California lately. Warm one day, chilly the next. So since we had a perfect 75* breeze yesterday, my husband offered to grill some burgers for dinner. I love when he grills because I get to put all my energy into the side dishes, and usually a fancy tea drink of sort. Since I’ve been under the weather, I skipped the cooler beverage (beer for grill master, warm tea and honey for me) and just made this beautiful potato salad. I just love it for the colors! I actually served it warm because the chill factor raised just as the grill was being pulled out. Go figure.


What you’ll need:

1. Potatoes! I found these at the farmers market and just knew I had to get them. Something about blue potatoes that make me excited. This bowl yielded way more salad than I had anticipated (about 8 servings) so I’d probably cut it down to half the amount next time (about 8 small potatoes). I’m using about 14-15 small potatoes for this recipe.

2. 3 Hardboiled eggs sliced and diced

3. 1/2 onion chopped

4. 1/4 cup lite may

5. 1/4 cup lite ranch

6. 1 tbsp. Italian dressing

7. 1 tbsp. mustard

8. 3 tbsp. relish

9. Dash of: cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt

What you’ll do:

1. Clean and boil potatoes (skin on) in a pot of water ~20min

2. Mash potatoes in a bowl and add all ingredients

3. Mix and serve warm!

I’m also weird and like to put potato salad in my burgers! Enjoy!



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