Break of Dawn…

That was where I was sitting when I stumbled upon the idea to start this site. Jeannie (Jeans) and I were sitting at Break of Dawn enjoying brunch and gabbing away about everything (except for work). We discussed my up-coming wedding (yippee!), holiday shopping, North/South Korea and what would happen if the world ended, living with men (aka baby-sitting), the boob industry (since Jeans IS the heiress to the booby industry), and described what we would do with our lives if we weren’t at our current jobs.

After finishing our meals we decided (even though we were full to the point of explosion) to order the trio chocolate creme brulee and a round of cocktails. I had the Kumquat Champagne and she, the Asian Mary. Bless her heart, she never says no to sweets or alcohol! This is when it hit us that we should enjoy life an start eating more! (This could also scream an underlying emotional problem stemming from our stressful jobs).

From this, I’ve decided to incorporate the noteworthy love that goes on in my own kitchen onto this blog. Most of the recipes I’ve experimented with are those that don’t take too much time. Others, will require a glass of red wine and some Traditional Italian from Pandora to take you away on the cooking journey. I hope this will entertain my fellow foodies! Thanks, guys, for giving me a taste! Bon appetite!


P.S. Thank you, Carolyn, for recommending Break of Dawn!


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