Oooh La La Habana!

The other night we went out to dinner with one of our favorite couples to one of my favorite restaurants! Justin and Amanda came over for pre-dinner vino and then we headed over to the great Habana at The Lab. Dunnn dunnn dun duuuunnnn!

I spent the whole week craving their Rum Pepper Shrimp but when I got there and the waiter announced one of the specials…steak with mac&cheese…I literally melted inside. So with my sangria roja in hand I boldly discarded my usual entree and went for the special (as did the fiance!). Little did I know, I was about to indulge in some sweet heaven… But before the food came, we enjoyed an order of their chicken empenadas and deep fried avocado. The empenadas were good. I’m not a Cuban expert so I’m not sure if the taste is authentic, but it was definitely enjoyable. The avocado was also good, however, I would not again pay $8 for five slices of it. I could probably make it at home for $1.29 and enjoy the whole avocado fruit.

Dinner was especially anticipated because Brian and I had planned on taking Justanda out so that we could officially ask Justin if he would do us the honor of officiating our wedding. Anyone who has been around these two know that they are full of love and happiness. Justin is remarkably an amazing father and supportive husband. His loyalty to his family and friends is astounding and we could not think of anyone else we would have marry us. Fortunately, Justin accepted and now we are going to have the memory of one of our closest friends be a part of our wedding day!

Oh yes…the food arrives…and wow! The steak was so tender (I ordered it medium- even though I usually prefer my steaks medium rare) and flavorful. It was drizzled in some sort of cuban sauce and sauteed mushroom that really enhanced the experience. The mac & cheese was definitely unique as it was made with ground beef- a little on the oily side- but sometimes that’s forgivable.

So after we all stuffed our faces with Cuban bliss, we waddled over to Mastros for their wonderfully caloric Warm Butter Pound Cake with homemade whipped cream. You know you are getting old when you go on double dates with other married couples and your night cap (at 11pm) becomes a cup of coffee (myself) and hot tea (the fiance). Long gone were the days of tequila shots and late night partying…*sigh*

I would highly recommend Habana for breakfast/brunch as well. We’ve been there a few times and each time our entrees have been superb. And I absolutely love desserts at Mastros (and their pretzel bread!). Feast on!



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