On a CHILI Night…

…I was craving something warm and hearty for dinner. However, I’ve been trying to eat healthy and cut down on the high caloric intake. Partially for the upcoming nuptials, but mostly for my health. It’s hard to eat well and healthy without eating rabbit food that leaves me hungry a few hours later, so I decided to cook up a nice batch of lean turkey chili! Veggies, lean meat, not too bad right? Unfortunately I added on all the trimmings at the end, which cancelled out the health factor. And to add to the madness I whipped up a Jalapeno & Cheddar Corn Bread batch that took me from borderline health conscious to clogged artery. But looking back, it was all sooo worth it…

Lean Turkey Chili
-2lbs lean ground turkey
-2/3 can of low sodium chicken broth
-2 cans of chili beans (slightly drained)
-1 whole white onion, diced
-1 can of corn
-1 24 oz can of crushed tomatoes
-1 6 oz can of tomato paste
-4 garlic cloves, minced
-1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper, oregano, salt, ground pepper, and cumin
-1/4 tsp curry powder (optional)
-2 tablespoons chili powder
-for garnish: green onion, white onion, cheddar cheese, sour cream

1. Sautee meat in large frying pan until cooked thoroughly, drain
2. Add diced onions and cook until onions are slightly browned, 3-4 minutes
3. Add tomato paste, crushed tomatos, chili beans, and corn, mix together
4. Add all spices and garlic
5. Bring to a boil, let simmer for 30 minutes

Jalapeno & Cheese Corn Bread
This recipe was actually inspired by a girl’s dinner that we had at Banderas. Jess loves it so much that she wanted to order a whole plate to-go after dinner! I couldn’t find a good recipe anywhere so I winged it on my own from what I remembered. Must have been my lucky day in the kitchen because it turned out pretty good!

-1 cup of cornmeal
-2 cups of flour
-1 cup of raw sugar
-2/3 cup of butter
-3 eggs
-2/3 cups milk
-4.5 tsp baking POWDER (not soda)
-1 tsp salt
-4 cloves of garlic, minced
-1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese
-2 large jalapenos thinly sliced

1. Preheat oven to 400*
2. Mix softened butter with raw sugar, combine milk and eggs
3. In another bowl combine flour, corn meal, baking powder and salt
4. Mix both bowls together
5. Add jalapeno, garlic, and 2/3 cup cheese mix well
6.Pour into a baking pan and sprinkle top with remainder of cheese
5. Bake for 30 minutes


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